The Modernist Promotion of Selfishness versus the Correct Stance

With/in the name of Allah (God), the infinitely compassionate, the boundlessly merciful.

. . .

I think that it’s an easily observable phenomenon that in the modern age people get divorced or end friendships more easily than most of the known history.

This is mainly because, in modernity, people’s own “individual rights” rather than their traditional responsibilities of having sympathy for their spouses and their friends are emphasized.

Therefore, people are systematically made more and more intolerant of each other, of their spouses and of their friends.

In this way ego-centrism, however it is disguised, embellished and presented, becomes the respectable, urged way of approaching human relationships.

Unfortunately, a rather great number of Muslims in the modern world often tend to adopt this systematic encouragement for selfishness by developing warped interpretations of their sacred teachings.

True, the authentic parts of the hadith corpus tells us to avoid distressing our brothers and sisters in faith or in humanity, to the best of our abilities.

But many Muslims in the modern world want to misinterpret this as meaning that they can reprimand and even reject and humiliate their spouses or their friends who cause them any amount of bother or “distress”.

What they miss or deliberately want to miss here is the other part of that hadith-based authentic teaching.

In that quite well-known report and the ones similar to it, after advising us to avoid distressing people to the best of our abilities, the Prophet (peaceful security be on him and God bless him) continues to warn us that one of the rights of other believers (and other humans, who are all “potential believers”) over us is that we tolerate the difficulties and bother that they cause us to experience.  It’s right here that the last Messenger of God shatters all of the modern, individualistic mentality and exposes its untenable moral pretensions!

He teaches that people’s rights over us, and our rights on them, include the right of being tolerated for the difficulties that we cause each other, of course unless we try to distress or harm each other intentionally and with ill will.

. . .

As always, the last Messenger of God, Muhammad the Trustworthy of Mecca, spoke the truth and the best wisdom. He has guided us, with the revealed inspiration of God to him, once more in our daily lives in the modern world, through the authentic and “rigorously verified” reports of some of our virtuous Muslim predecessors from his teachings. God bless him and give him peaceful security. God have mercy on all our predecessors in our tradition of sincere faith and critical, wise, reasonable thinking. God guide(s) all those who want to attain the correct guidance in life. Surely God is always with those who avoid evil and the just punishment of God following such deeds and with those who work good deeds.


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